"Once, the moon and the sun danced ‘til dawn. The shadow they cast was then called, “Mundance.”


I'm Jess, an average grade meat, ancient weeb, 21 years old and a broke university student majoring in multifand– lol joke I'm a research major.

art dump

Sometimes I draw (fanarts, manga redraw/coloring) I am still navigating through digital art (I'm a sucker for traditional art) sooo I'm not that great haha if you are interested, pls feel free to check them out. :))

anime fandoms

Before you follow(byf)

- i talk about tsurune all the time. i have lots of edits, memes and i retweet fanarts. jeez, we have to give the artists the love they deserve!
- occasionally nsfw. lol i’m 21, for pete’s sake!
- not spolier free but don't worry, i always tag my spoilers
- lists, lists, LISTS!
- i use swear words so be warned.
- LOTS OF THREADS! (anime/manga/books/movie live tweeting)
- i’m a multishipper in a multifandom of rarepairs!
- sometimes I channel my booktwt account so you’ll also find me tweeting about books, i also snap in rare occasions so pls bear w/ my political rants.

"the sound of a vibrating bowstring"